Subscription - Month

Subscription - Month

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Spring/Summer Delights

This package gives you 2 deliveries no matter when you start. The cost can be applied to your Full Subscription if you decide you'd like to enjoy the balance of season's offering. Best place to start with a tight budget. PLUS you get to see the variety of items we bring. The varied leafy greens and other collection of items keeps your diet balanced with nutrients provided from the farmers' gardens.

Each bag/box contains a group of 7-9 items to round out your weekly planned meals. Recipes are included with your order for items that may seem out of the ordinary.  Items may include:

Leafy Greens- Cabbage (purple or green) , kale, swiss chard or spinach, choys
Peppers (hot and mild)
Onions (red, green or sweet)
Turmeric/Ginger/Garlic - our favorite trio
Lettuce mix
Cherry Tomatoes (we stick with the little ones)
Mushrooms (exotic - no button or portabella)
Herbs (rosemary, parsley, cilantro, basil, mint)
...... and more as available from our farmers 

Don't forget check out additional items like our "Genie in a Bottle" made from fresh ginger, turmeric, coconut water, key lime, elderberry and sea moss. Available in 2oz shots or 10 oz bottles (5 servings). Worth investing in and consuming every drop.