Genie in a Bottle  - 20 oz bottle

Genie in a Bottle - 20 oz bottle

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  Our Genie in a Bottle is in such high demand that it is flying off the shelves, prompting us to enlarge its capacity to cater to all those eager to get their hands on it. This refreshing tonic made with coconut water, turmeric and ginger root, elderberry, and sea moss and a few other trade ingredients is potent. We recommended taking only 2 oz per daily for maximum benefit. When feeling fatigued or in need of a quick boost to your immunity, have a sluggish gut, or just want to do something good for your body, take a shot (2 oz) and feel the difference. Our now 18 oz bottles is the best way to ensure you have enough to get you feeling better in no time..

Keep chilled and drink when you're feeling a little low. You'll love the natural boost and desire to have more. Nothing like it. A proprietary blend created exclusively for Seed Time Harvest Farms.